Sheria asks: Did you just call your man a dog??

Last night I posted a tweet which to some may have just been a joke, but I was serious in every sense of the quote. As I was reminiscing over my tweet, my ever organic mind came to one conclusion: the human mind is not only interesting but can be intentionally complex. Here is how I phrased that tweet: “The dog is the most loving, loyal animal, exhibiting qualities of unconditional love. So why do scorned women call a cheating man a dog? Makes you think and it raises many unanswered questions such as: Why do people equate such a loyal and loving animal like a dog to a cheating man?? Just what did a dog do to be painted in such a negative light? Have humans become so unappreciative and cruel to the animals they co-habit with, that they now can’t see animals of the universe for what they really are? Even worse, cheating men are called dogs, so what do you call cheating women? Let’s be honest, there are women who give cheating a good name. As an observer of everyday life, I see things everywhere I go; things someone who doesn’t posses a curious mind may not be able to see. I am the first to say, lots of women do cheat as well. I am a woman myself and I’ve heard cheating whispers from women in the corridors.
So next time you call a cheating man a dog, think of that poor loving animal who is loyal, kind and loving you unconditionally, because ironically, you are saying your cheating man posses the same qualities as that of a dog…


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The F- word!

Getting to write the first blog post must feel like being in rehab for the first time at some alcohol, drug or gambling anonymous centre, although I must remind my readers that I have NEVER been in any of these institutions. What does one say on the first day of blogging?? Hi, My name is Sheria?? What does one write about?? Aaah, so much; the pains, the joys of life, life’s never ending adventures…yes, every good reason to put ink to paper. We all have a story to tell don’t we, be it a good or bad one. We all have heared other people tell their stories of laughter and tears and for some reason, we want to narrate the stories we have heared. I have always been been a keeper of thoughts,  very interesting thoughts, or  so I have been told which is why my blog is intitled SPOKEN THOUGHTS. We will go on a journey of  thought about issues you too may have been thinking about, well probablyhave  thought of  all your life! Well let’s cut to the chase, shall we? My thoughts lately have been playing around the F word, FAME. Most people perceive fame as glamorous, that you are some what untouchable, a little God, or a Goddess for that matter. The allure, the glamour and the glitz of fame can all be very tempting, but fame may very well be just an illusion. It is only until you REALLY are in the web of  fame that you really understand what comes along with fame and the price FAMOUS people pay for  being famous. As a journalist myself who first became quite famous for being a radio presenter at Christian Voice Radio in Zambia and ended up getting REALLY REALLY famous for being a presenter at the Zambia national broadcasting corporation in Central Africa, the word fame does not excite me in the least. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast. I was adored by aspiring presenters, by fans from all walks of life and of all age groups. But people have huge expectations when you are famous; that you can not shop for instance at certain chain stores, that you must always be nice to people even in the most difficult situation; that you must always look perfect, but we all know that looking perfect only happens in a land called dream world. People do not understand that you are only human despite being famous. Those who have never heared me hold a note have always asked if I wanted to be a singer just for the fame of it. Alas! I would rather be a great cook, a wife to a farmer in the country than have the fame of this world with it’s complexties! It just happens that God gave me gifts that would throw me in the spotlight! Alright, alright, fame comes with a lot of perks especially when you don’t have to stand in line for stuff. Yes, fame has CERTAIN priviledges. Fame sometimes pays your way out of trouble especially when you DUI, right? But let’s for a moment REALLY look at the flip side of fame and its disadvantages. Ever wondered tabout he simple priviledges you would miss out on if you really became famous?? Let’s take a look at a few: walking your dog without being mobbed by people, having a bad hair day without people having to raise their eyebrows? Yes, that pressure of always looking HOT? yeah? Now if you are famous, you will agree that you have for instance the task of having perfect hair just in case a paparazzi is hiding in the woods. How about having your foto plastered on the front pages of the tabloids just because your buddies carried you to your car after an assault on tEquilas?? Yet, if you are not famous, no one REALLY cares if we fall prey to all the above. Talk at the pool table would be, “some chick got pissed out of her skull last night and was carried to her SUV. After that, the conversation IMMEDIATELY dries up in thin air. I have never really understood people who really love fame, are obsessed with fame and would do anything to be in the limelight, to be famous…I thought it fitting that my first post should tell people that even as we chase our dreams,  we should do just that; just chase our dreams, the gifts God gave us and not go into music, sport etc for the fame of it or we will crack under all the pressures that come along with fame… Bottom line is, fame is not what it’s all cracked out to be…Fame can be a very lonely place…At the end of the day, we may just KNOW that it’s okay, that it is priceless and cool to be infamous afterall…

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