The cock crows one, two three at the break of dawn

As if to whisper,” woman, the morning dew has left your trodden road…”

Her feet ache, they bleed from endless trips she takes into the wild

Where she finds seed to feed her young…

Her eyes are blue from blows; her eyes dread the throbbing pain…

“How could I hide my beautiful piercing eyes from curious minds, she whispers to her broken heart…

Her soul is heavy with pain and shame…

She is scared to leave her young with a lurking monster

Who has broken her fragile bones.

She clenches to her emotional strength,

The only thing any man is not able to break …

Like a hen, she gathers her young under her wing, her only pride her children…

With innocent pride; she shows them to the world…

Whispering “mama, this is my treasure, the only treasure I have…

“Mama, Mama…” The elderly women whisper tenderly in her ear,

As if to say, leave my daughter leave…

Leave my child, leave the monster…

“This is no place you call home…

She forces a smile through her silent tears

She nods, yet she wont leave, hiding a song in her heart…

A song that holds light, hope and faith…

A song that will one day set her young, that will set her free from shame and blame…

Free from pain…

Woman, you are strong….African woman, you are strong…


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  1. 1

    Phil-Hlb said,

    Wow, just beautiful. I had to choke on some tears reading this…I am very proud of you Sheria and the work you do. Now time to lighten up with some cold beer?-Phil x

  2. 3

    Wow, these are beautiful words for women, especially African women who go through a lot of abuse. You are a TRUE poet sister! Very very proud of you…

    • 4

      Hey sis, thank you for taking time to read this poem…Indeed women go through a lot- you’re right, esp African women…Maybe we should have “African Women” day?? hmm…just thinking…Your comments encourage me and they mean a lot! See u soon!! love, S. x

  3. 5

    Lalita said,

    Well expressed. A woman is always taken for granted. Straight from the heart Sheria. Awesome 🙂

    • 6

      Lalita, thank you for your ever encouraging words…You are right Lalita, women are taken for granted yet are the backbone of the family. Here in South Africa, I have learnt of a saying which is an African proverb and has become one of my favourite, it says: “If you raise a woman, you raise a village…” So so true in the sense that for starters, men MUST respect us because we carry babies (children) until child birth!-And in rural In most parts of africa, women do all the chores even when they are heavily pregnant…They hold families together. Yet the irony is that in Africa and most parts of the world, women are the most abused, especially those that are not financially independent…Thank you for visiting my blog again, you encourage me… Sheria x

  4. 7

    michie said,

    That is so true and encouraging.

  5. 9

    Hey I am coming to SA next week and want to see you! Please contact me!!!

  6. 10

    D.B. Frank said,

    Your words of truth alight as butterflies upon our souls. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings upon you.

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