A distant sky stares into space

Lonely tears fall softly on hungry weary faces

Rattle…rattle…I hear tiny feet under the rubble

I look around me as if hope promised she will come back for her

I still hear her cry…

A lonely tree standing by her feet shelters her from the fiery wind,

The singing bird has abandoned the melody of a happy song,

I still hear her cry…

A lonely sky still stares in the distance

Longing, waiting for the sun to come and shine on her again …

The sun has returned to its resting place

Yet in my head, I still see the picture of her lonely face

Her cry is her song, her song her cry

All I see is darkness and despair..

 All I see are hearts needing repair …

Even if the only song in her heart is her cry,

I don’t give up,

 I still look up,

 I still hope ..

That sunshine will shine on her again

I still hope…

God bless Haiti!


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  1. 1

    Lalita (rlalita) said,

    Well articulated poem. Eloquently expressed. Felt the pain of one who may gone through this when I read this. God bless Haiti

    • 2

      Lalita! (@lalita), How very glad I am to see you at my blog…Much gratitude for your lovely words, I am humbled…That exactly was the purpose of my poem, to walk my readers through the pain of the Haitian people.
      Am so glad you were touched…Indeed, God bless Haiti..See u on twitter. Take care!x

  2. 3

    ministerofmotivation said,

    Yes I like you hear the crys of the people of Haiti. Even though aid is pouring in and the pain is trying to be eased for the people, they still cry. However, like you said, I still hope to that one the sun will shine again as I can see the rays of hope beaming brightly through the debri of a battered city.

    Excellent words as always my sister!!!

    Dr. Sims
    aka mofmotivation

  3. 5

    Sydney Mwangala said,

    Beautiful! Sis, I cried reading through this…keep wriring! Sido

  4. 7

    Phil-HLB Barnett said,

    Cute! I love your poem.

  5. 9

    Mbingila said,

    beautifully said, am impressed. You are blessed.
    God bless Haiti.

  6. 11

    Loved each line of the poem… totally honest and expressive… Haiti surely needs us…

    • 12

      @Shakti_Shetty! Hey dear one! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! How pleased to see you here…I am so so so glad you find my poem honest and expressive and that you enjoyed every bit of it! It means a lot to me…Let me knoe if you have a blog and I will pay you a visit! xoxo!

  7. 13

    Dismankler said,

    This is good !! Should get it out there and get some credit.

    • 14

      @Dismankler, Thanks dude for visiting! Glad you admire the seed of wisdom in me…I am humbled.. Actually, we talking right now with the SABC to have me peform #Haitipoem on #SABCInternational! So stay tuned! X

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