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A distant sky stares into space

Lonely tears fall softly on hungry weary faces

Rattle…rattle…I hear tiny feet under the rubble

I look around me as if hope promised she will come back for her

I still hear her cry…

A lonely tree standing by her feet shelters her from the fiery wind,

The singing bird has abandoned the melody of a happy song,

I still hear her cry…

A lonely sky still stares in the distance

Longing, waiting for the sun to come and shine on her again …

The sun has returned to its resting place

Yet in my head, I still see the picture of her lonely face

Her cry is her song, her song her cry

All I see is darkness and despair..

 All I see are hearts needing repair …

Even if the only song in her heart is her cry,

I don’t give up,

 I still look up,

 I still hope ..

That sunshine will shine on her again

I still hope…

God bless Haiti!


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