Sheria asks: Did you just call your man a dog??

Last night I posted a tweet which to some may have just been a joke, but I was serious in every sense of the quote. As I was reminiscing over my tweet, my ever organic mind came to one conclusion: the human mind is not only interesting but can be intentionally complex. Here is how I phrased that tweet: “The dog is the most loving, loyal animal, exhibiting qualities of unconditional love. So why do scorned women call a cheating man a dog? Makes you think and it raises many unanswered questions such as: Why do people equate such a loyal and loving animal like a dog to a cheating man?? Just what did a dog do to be painted in such a negative light? Have humans become so unappreciative and cruel to the animals they co-habit with, that they now can’t see animals of the universe for what they really are? Even worse, cheating men are called dogs, so what do you call cheating women? Let’s be honest, there are women who give cheating a good name. As an observer of everyday life, I see things everywhere I go; things someone who doesn’t posses a curious mind may not be able to see. I am the first to say, lots of women do cheat as well. I am a woman myself and I’ve heard cheating whispers from women in the corridors.
So next time you call a cheating man a dog, think of that poor loving animal who is loyal, kind and loving you unconditionally, because ironically, you are saying your cheating man posses the same qualities as that of a dog…


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    ministerofmotivation said,

    This is a very interesting perspective. I may have to dig a little bit to see where that connection, that slang came from. You make another good point; women cheat too. Relationships should be held in very high regard and would not we all be better off if we could be loyal and kind and love unconditionally as our pets. I have a cocker spaniel and a jack russel terrier and everytime I come home, they greet me at the door just a wagging their tails. I chuckled everytime they do it…good post my dear sister!!!

    Luv ya
    The Minister of Motivation

  2. 3

    Phil-HLB said,

    Sheria, interesting post young lady. But I must ask though, is your man a cheating dog??

  3. 4

    Hey Doc Phil, lol! You have a way with your words! My man is loyal, faithful and loves me unconditionally. But you must agree that people misuse the word dog. Read my post again. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. 5

    lol! Sheria, good one! You really have a very interesting and curious mind…Makes one think for sure. Women make it look like it’s only men who cheat, but women do cheat too. Sheria, please get back into radio full time and talk about these issues. You are very talented lil sis. Proud of you!!! Gandhi.

    • 6

      Sis Gandhi, thanks for checking out this very interesting post! Now don’t get me started on starting a talk show, you know it will be shock radio…Will call later! I love youxoxo



  5. 7

    colin said,

    very interesting. no mention of 10 mins silence but thats ok. looking foreward to more. go well my friend!

  6. 8

    Sheria said,

    Colin, I had no idea the English are so obsessed with silence. No, I laughed, really laughed reading your comment. Now I only wish you put your last name there; cuz that comment could make you a favourite! Colin, we haven’t see you in the radium for a while! Have you given up on PRAWNOGRAPHY(PRAWNS) at the radium??!! Go well my friend…HUGSx

  7. 9

    Franco-Zambia said,

    My good friend!!

    Very interesting. I just have one main concern. Why do we always pulling in our most loyal friend, our dog who waits patiently the whole day to welcome you back home from a hard days work? What have dogs done to be named a cheater while he is just an innocent bystander.

    Have you ever seen your dog cheating on you?

    Look at dogs as part of the animal specy. They do not get married, or have a regular girl friend! Their actions and behaviour are generated by the “Love is in the air.” Sometimes I wish I was a dog!!! Don’t you think its nice??

    OK, jokes aside. My statement what i want to make is dogs do not cheat on their “women/biitches” They are loyal to their masters. You can hit your dog today but tomorrow they will still come to you wagging their tails.

    It is unfair to call or compare a cheating man a with a dog. I cannot and will not call my woman a bitch if ever she cheats on me. No I will have to look at myself in the mirror and ask, Franco, where did you go wrong??

    Women can also cheat, and what have i done wrong if my woman has cheated on me?

    Leave our loyal four footed friends out of that.

    Sometimes i wish I was a dog!! lol!!!!

    • 10

      Hey Franco! How is Zambia?? Thanks for visiting my blog! Yeah, there will be lots of topics I will be discussing on my blog. I really had to air my views about calling cheating men dogs. No really, a dog is one of the most loyal animals and sometimes it buffles me that such an animal that LOVES us so much, and unconditionally for that matter is equated to cheating men. I love your comment, and I am texting Gandhi to tell her to check out your comment! Am sure she will be keen to see what you had to say. I love your line of thought and you take care…Looking foward to meeting you…

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